Carolyn Clark Joins DAHLIA+ Agency

Carolyn Clark Joins DAHLIA+ Agency

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Las Vegas, NV, October 25, 2018 – Veteran association and business events marketer Carolyn Clark has joined the DAHLIA+ Agency as leader of the agency’s growing portfolio of digital marketing services.

Clark, formerly Senior Vice President of Marketing at the Professional Convention Management Association [PCMA] and Executive Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Services at Minding Your Business has had a long and celebrated career in the business events industry. She has worked with different stakeholders in the events and association universe to truly understand how to make business events and brands pivot.

Clark and DAHLIA+ Agency’s expertise across all aspects of the events, hospitality, and travel industry provides their clients with a 360° perspective. Maximizing on their knowledge on digital marketing, tech landscape, and experience design, their mission is to tap into stakeholder voices to strengthen the experience and ultimately overall ROI.

Over Clark’s seven year tenure at PCMA her team led marketing initiatives resulting in sequential years of record membership, marquee event attendance and revenue growth.

Clark and DAHLIA+ Agency founder Dahlia El Gazzar have been close collaborators for almost a decade. Their first joint project was the rebranding of the Travel Technology Group to onPeak.

“Demand for DAHLIA+ Agency’s branding and digital marketing services has exponentially grown over the 12 months,” said El Gazzar. “Carolyn’s creative talent and marketing expertise will further elevate the value and ROI we deliver our clients. We have the same goal – to partner with brands whether it be an event, a tech company, a planner, on how to up the experience, tell the story, and pivot.”

DAHLIA+ Agency has been in the digital marketing forefront for event tech consulting, and activations such as tech bars, social media labs, and tech education as sponsorship opportunities for more than 50 conferences and events annually.

“I’m beyond excited to join DAHLIA+ Agency,” said Clark. “Dahlia and I have talked for years about teaming up and now the stars are perfectly aligned for us to make marketing magic together.”  

Clark will be based in Las Vegas, NV and her first day with the agency is October 24.


DAHLIA+ Agency is best known in the business events sector for shattering the status quo and getting shift done. DAHLIA+ Agency offers a range of event engagement services, from the delivery of technology, wellness and personal branding experiences to the development of creative concept propositions, customized education, onsite social media and live content marketing. Today the agency delivers engagement experiences to 50+ face-to-face events. Agency marketing services range from strategic planning to branding, deep content development and comprehensive, multi-channel promotional marketing. For more information on DAHLIA+ Agency contact Dahlia El Gazzar at

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  1. Tess Vismale 10 months ago

    Welcome Carolyn The Shark!! Let’s transcend our industry!!!!

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