Rachel Stephan

Rachel Stephan

Favorite App : Slack

Languages : English, French, Arabic

Rachel is a creative thinker, idea generator, and an international event industry speaker.

What drives Rachel is empowering associations, profit and non-profit organizations as well as meeting planners to build attendance and grow members’ engagement in an omni-channel approach to communications.

Rachel Stephan is an entrepreneur at heart, in 2001 she launched sensov/ event marketing, a boutique-agency specializing in event marketing. Rachel channels nearly 20 years of creative advertising experience, social media, web and mobile technology to create, brand and promote engaging, successful event marketing campaigns for national and international conferences. She holds an impressive track record of breaking event attendance.

Rachel is fluent in three languages and holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Graphic Arts. She recently obtained her DES (Digital Event Strategist) certification and is a dedicated Director of Communications for PCMA Canada East Chapter, where she has recently been selected as the Chapter’s nominee for PCMA Outstanding Service to a chapter award.