We infuse events with interactive education.

Think of us as go-to engagement experts for event organizers. We’re passionate tech and marketing geeks who approach learning with playful, hands-on lessons.

Empowerment+ specializes in creating helpful, practical education within your conference, convention or other event. Our customized forums and workshops help your attendees discover tips and tools to improve their professional and personal lives – while giving your event a fresh update and new revenue streams.


The playful education destination on your show floor.

New technology emerges every day. It’s challenging to keep up with the latest – let alone master it before the next new thing. And that’s where we help.

On your main stage, in workshops, tutorials or one-on-ones, we help your attendees become savvier professionals with fun tech-focused, hands-on demo areas.

Tech Bar

Tech tune-ups, app education, software shortcuts and more — designed for fast and casual learning.

Smartest Apps

Smartest Apps

There’s an app for that. We teach attendees the best new apps to increase productivity and keep them organized.

Newest Features

Newest Features

Another new device or update? We guide professionals on how to utilize the devices in their pockets and at their desks.

Latest Gadgets

Latest Gadgets

Watch out Jetsons! Your attendees will feel like they’re part of the future with opportunities to try hot tech tools, like wearables, virtual reality, infrared tech, and more.

Device Support

Device Support

Consider us your go-to geniuses. We troubleshoot and teach the tech-phobic and tech-savvy alike how to better navigate their smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

  • "Tech Bar has been a winning addition to our conference and truly sets it apart from others in our space. Our event participants are intrigued and then impressed by the opportunity to learn quickly, solve nagging questions, expand their knowledge and generally amp up their confidence. They say things like “amazing,” “phenomenal,” “awesome” and “the whole reason I attend” to describe the Tech Bar. We even had one of our senior members shed tears of joy because the Tech Bar team taught him how to communicate with his grandchildren on his new device. And as the planner, I am thrilled that it takes a layer of responsibility off of the already-overloaded shoulders of my onsite staff. Tech Bar rocks!"
    Joyce Paschall, CAE, CMP-HC, CMMAmerican College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • "Working with this team, I find them to be extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and willing to customize according to customer needs. Tech Bar is helpful to audiences of all ages and professions. The DAHLIA+ AGENCY team receives a 5 star plus rating from Advanced Meeting Solutions and is #1 on our preferred partner list."
    Angela B. Hollis MBA, DESAdvanced Meeting Solutions, Inc.
  • "The tech assistance and the Tech Byte training sessions in the Lions Technology Zone were so very much appreciated by the 1000s of Lions! It was a success in large part because of DAHLIA+ AGENCY's involvement and their active coordination with LCI."
    Vivian Leabhart, CMP, CEMLions Club International

Tech Pavilion

A whole creative and interactive area of your event dedicated to introducing attendees to new solutions.

Layout & Design

Layout & Design

From furniture selection to A/V, planning and setup is a snap. We’ll have a whole new section to your event up and running in no time.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages

We design sponsorship packages and marketing materials to attract sponsors for this area.

Potential Exhibitors

Potential Exhibitors

We create the prospectus and marketing materials to attract new tech partners.

Pavilion Management

Pavilion Management

Be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. We’re happy to take the reins from start to finish, or work closely with your team for planning, design and execution.


Our team of friendly tech therapists bring you practical tips and create a-ha moments, making tech simple and practical.

For your personal and professional well-being. Oh, and did we forget to say we keep it thumbs-up fun and always energizing?

Empower Your Event

Wondering how these ideas might work for your event? Spend 15 minutes on the phone, Skype, or over coffee with us for new ideas of how to empower your event – and engage your participants.


Cups of Coffee


High Fives



Add a whole new category of content to your existing event program.

Tech-focused content is sure to create buzz and draw attendees. From large mainstage presentations to breakout workshops to one-on-one tutorials, we create topics and sessions that make tech education fun and effective for your attendees.

Collaboration Collective


An Efficient Remote Office


Easy Apps for Project Management


Automate Your Social Media Marketing


Cut thru Communication Overload


Better Note Taking


Top Productivity Apps


Staying Fit & Active on the Road


In-Depth Re-Introduction to LinkedIn


Twitter 101


Snapchat in a Snap


Our Team's All-Time Favorite Apps



Add a new and decidedly different sponsorship opportunity! Wine & Apps® is a fun and interactive session for up to 30 attendees that mixes networking with digital learning. Professionals share ideas, discover tips and tricks, and play with a glass of wine in one hand – and a smartphone in the other.

Passion & Purpose

We create learning experiences your attendees will love. Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you new ways to inject fun and effective tech education into your event.




Beyond learning, attendees will come to network and build their personal brands.

Help them find their way with power brand building sessions and workshops.

Professional Coaching

We help professionals re-discover their innate strengths to create a personal vision, improve productivity, and craft an online presence that builds connections and enhances their professional projection.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy worker is a productive worker. With peace of mind, body, and soul, we teach fitness tips, posture consulting, and work/life balance for staying healthy at the office and on the road.

Pamper & Relax

A space to recharge helps attendees put their best foot forward. Offer massages, manis and pedis, makeup and headshots for a refreshing alternative – with long-lasting value even after your event is over.


From Twitter to Snapchat and everything in between, teach your audience how to use social media to enhance their business and personal brand.

Social Media Outpost

Attendees learn to easily generate content, automate posts, and much more for both their business marketing and professional brands.

LinkedIn Corner

Through powerful insights and profile reviews, we reframe LinkedIn understanding as the vital social media platform for professionals.







  • "We launched the LinkedIn Corner for the first time at our Conference in Orlando last October. We had about 5700 total attendees (a little low for us). We had the LinkedIn Corner booth in our exhibit hall and also offered a headshot/make up retouch area in the booth. It was wildly successful. We had over 500 people participate in the headshots so I know even more then that went and talked to the consultants about their profile."
    Kristina Mechelis, CMPAssociation for Financial Professionals


Our team of friendly and patient gurus makes learning fun.

We keep up with the latest trends, tools, and solutions for your industry—and share our knowledge like a helpful friend.